Pastor Tex 7/2018

July 2018, Updates from Pastor Tex
We’ve had a busy and exciting time recently with many more opportunities in the near future. The way the Church has worked together on our Grow Campaign is exciting and proved excellent results. And, it would seem that the new building cannot be completed too soon as evidenced by our growing attendance. Here are some of the exciting opportunities coming up for Wassamassaw Baptist Church.
1. Prayer: Maxine Rhode has agreed to be the Wassamassaw Baptist Church Prayer Coordinator. Maxine will be coordinating prayer in every activity of our church. She will be asking Sunday School Teachers, Small Group Leaders and all committees & Teams to enlist a prayer leader in order to coordinate and keep all prayer needs up to date. In addition, she will recruit Intercessory Prayer warriors. Anyone interested in this ministry should indicate their interest on the volunteer forms being circulated.
2. Discipleship: We just completed a 13-week Discipleship Training with 12 men of our church participating. The program included intensive Bible Reading, Bible Study, Scripture Memory and training in the basic Doctrines of the church. We will be starting another course for Women in the fall as well as another Men’s class. Invitations to participate in these classes will be going out in the near future. Anyone interested please let me know so we can include you on the invitation list.
3. Sunday School. For the past few months Pastor Norman and I have been researching various Sunday School curriculums in an effort to coordinate the teaching programs in all of our Sunday School classes. We have arrived at one we feel will fit the requirements and our church very well. We’re looking forward to meeting with all Sunday School Teachers, Pre-School to Adults, as well as anyone who might like to be a teacher, on July 12th, to introduce a new Sunday School Curriculum that will begin in the fall. “The Gospel Project” is a new Lifeway series that is designed to present the Bible as One Story. Training for teachers will take place in August and we will start the new curriculum in September.
4. Financial Peace: On Monday September 10, 2018, Ashley and Jordan Walsh will begin teaching a nine-week course from Dave Ramsey entitled “Financial Peace University”. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in managing their finances better. Sign up opportunities will be available on the Web site as well as at the church. The Cost is $109 per person which covers the cost of each person’s materials from the Dave Ramsey organization.
5. Women’s Outreach: On Saturday, October 21, 2018, we’re planning a women’s luncheon that is intended to be an evangelistic outreach. Seating is limited, approximately 200 maximum. The Women of Wassamassaw Baptist will be encouraged to invite unchurched women to come for lunch and hear our guest speaker, Ruth Graham, Dr. Billy Graham’s youngest daughter. Ruth’s most recent book, “Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There”, has been a big success and she will share her story as well as talk about God meeting our needs. In addition, Mark Christian will be our Master of Ceremony and guest artist. Mark is currently Minister of Music at First Baptist Charlotte and serves as Master of Ceremony and guest artist for Will Graham Celebrations (Crusades). I met Mark when he was a singer in the Tony Orlando show in Branson, MO. Some friends of mine in Branson, Peter and JoDee Herschend, worked with me to put together a yearlong “First Sunday Evangelistic Outreach” in Branson. I supplied the evangelist and JoDee and Peter provided the theatre and guest artist, and we used Mark as the Program host and soloist. He is a graduate of Liberty University
There are more Discipleship and Evangelism opportunities in the works that will be revealed in the near future. With the rapid increase in population in our area God is providing a tremendous opportunity for us to be His messengers and bring the good news of the Gospel to our area. Please pray with us as we continue to seek His guidance and will in all that we do.