Pastor Kent 6/2018

Worship Matters June 2018
Last month we began a new journey of discovering the difference between praise and worship. As we began looking at praise last month I pray you took the challenge to write down everything you could think of to praise Him for. This month we will look further into what praise is and its origin.
Of course we know that creation declares the handiwork of our God. But it was through one of the twelve tribes of Israel that God would use to sing His praise. When Leah gave birth to her fourth son with Jacob she named him Judah. The name Judah literally translates “praise.” Apparently God really liked this name and showed favor to Judah for it. It is through this tribe that the Messiah would be born. The tribe of Judah was known as the praisers of God. In Psalm 114:2 it says, “Judah was His sanctuary and, Israel His dominion.” The Hebrew word for sanctuary is Qodesh. It means something consecrated, holiness, sacredness. All of Israel was
God’s domain, but He made His most holy place among the praisers. In Psalm 108:8 it says, “Judah is my scepter.” You could say, “Praise is God’s scepter.” In biblical times the King would hold forth his scepter to invite those who would come into his presence. When we begin to praise God from our hearts He raises His scepter and bids us come into His presence! What a beautiful picture! Praise is a key to enter into the Holy of Holies where God dwells!
We need to always keep in our hearts and minds that God desires to hear the praises of His people. We have been given so much through His blessed Son Jesus Christ! We, of all people, have something to shout from our hearts in praise to God! Whether it be in prayer, private worship, or corporate worship we must come into His presence with praise!
Yours In Worship,
Pastor Kent Wilson